IIS AccessControl tool:

The AccessControl tool that provides a simple way to add simple access control to an W2K web site.  I wrote the tool because the W2K Internet Server is lacking the basic feature to allow simple access control through an normal website form.  Microsoft suggests using ASP code to control what people can do, and for the most part that works fine.  However, it does not stop someone from supplying a direct URL to a JPG or other non-ASP file.  With this tool your ASP code can determine when the user of a session it to be allowed access to a URL path on your server.


SImage ASP component:

The SImage component allows ASP code to determine the size of a JPEG file, and to create a new JPEG file of a different size from the original image.  It can also read the Exif tags from the image. This can be used to generate thumbnails and to size images to a reasonable web size. 

Exif Copy

Copies missing Exif information from one CopyExif file to another:

This tool takes a source CopyExif and destination CopyExif and adds any Exif data in the source CopyExif that is missing from the destination CopyExif.   I wrote this tool because someplace during my workflow of handling CopyExifs I've been losing Exif data.  For any decent picture I keep the original raw formatted, and this tools, most of the time, will restore the missing data to the final CopyExif that I end up posting.  I did not have a significant problem until I started using Digital Photo Pro from Canon, for canon raw cr2 files, which habitually strips the exif information off before producing a JPG.


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